Gallery space

Artists and groups are welcome to submit proposals for exhibitions, talks or workshops to be included in the OHOS programme. Selection from proposals will be voted on by OHOS members. The ground floor space may also be used for other activities related to art, education and heritage such as meetings, project work, photography and documenting art works.  A ground floor plan, and fees for use of the space are shown below.  Risk assesments are needed for all activities, and all fire and health and safety guidelines must be followed.  There is one sink for washing art equipment and painty hands, a separate small kitchenette for refreshments with sink, kettle, fridge and microwave. Wheelchair access is possible through the fire doors on the South side, and there is a wheelchair friendly toilet on the ground floor.  There are two standard toilets on the first floor.
There is free parking for artists and visitors  - 15 to 20 cars - in the Keep's car park, reached via Brock Gardens.

Contact for exhibiting costs. 

Two invigilators must always be present when the exhibition is open to the public.  Visiting exhibitors can arrange this themselves, or we may be able to suggest artists who might invigilate for around £9/hour.  We are happy to offer advice on PV/opening events.

OHOS will include events in its e-publicity, but flyer design and printing are extras that may be arranged if desired if enough notice is given.
Please contact the administrator for more details, or call 959 7752 (Wed or Fri 11-1, or leave a message on answerphone).

Ground Floor Plan