Friday, 3 June 2016

Unusual Memorial found in Brock Keep Garden

OHOS volunteer Trevor Thomas from Brock Gardens has dug up a most unusual object in the Keep's garden.  Trevor kindly looks after the garden for OpenHand OpenSpace, sometimes helped by other kind neighbours and friends, and a few weeks ago he was digging a new bed for tomatos and potatoes when he found, 2-3 ft down, two pieces of a slate memorial plaque that looks as if it was once inside a church.
The left part of the plaque is missing, but we think the text reads: of...daughter of... nny Ford...25th 1839   years...their son...1839...years.  Possibly it has come from a church that was demolished around 1980, such as Reading Trinity Congregational Church,1846 - 1979, which was located at Queens Road and Sidmouth Street.  If anyone has any information about this plaque, please contact the OHOS administrators on, or 0118 959 7752.