Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Annual Daydream Harvest

The Annual Daydream Harvest
4-6 December 2015
OHOS artist Nick Garnett has completely taken over the ground floor gallery at the Keep with a fabulous installation of photography and sculpture full of interactive possibilities.

Peter Driver at the Jam Factory

Peter Driver's prints at the Jam Factory, Oxford
In case you missed this beautiful show, here is a shot of OHOS artist Peter Driver's solo exhibition in The Boiler Room at the Jam Factory Oxford, from 29 Sept - 8 Nov 2015.  Peter uses printmaking, drawing and performative action to reflect his diverse interests including the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp, social relations, ornithology, lowland landscapes and his signature ‘March for Optimism’. The show included woodcuts, drawings, photography and video. He is interested in fostering dialogue about meaning, environment, community and uses of power. Peter will soon be offering  new printmaking course at OHOS.