Thursday, 11 June 2015

Grasping the Invisible

16-21 June 2015, Tues-Fri 3-7pm, Sat-Sun 1-5pm. 
PV Tues 16th June 7-9pm
Brock Keep
Sculpture and drawings by David Phillpot.  Don't miss it!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Convergence 2015-2050 - Commission for Reading Museum by studio member Jon Lockhart

Convergence 2015 - 2050
Wood, mirrored acrylic, acrylic, gold leaf, gold
Reading, like many towns is a series of ‘converging’ geographic, economic and sociological locations and waypoints.

Reading’s physical ‘foot-print’ has developed from the medieval triangular centre, expanding to fit the unitary boundaries of the town that we see today.

How the Reading of ‘concrete and clay’ will support us and how in return we look after it in the future, is a pressing and timely question. What must we do now to secure a safe, sustainable, flexible and healthy environment for a future Reading?

Where is Reading heading?

Jon Lockhart’s sculpture ‘Convergence’ uses the theme of a reliquary, a treasury and a time capsule to freeze time.

In the centre of the sculpture is a space containing an Ounce of gold. The gold is used to represent an asset. This asset is the population of Reading and the actual land, buildings, wildlife, natural features and topography of Reading. It is also the cultural, economic and ecological ‘treasures’ of Reading.

The physical amount of the gold is finite, yet its ‘value’ will fluctuate depending on time and market forces (gold prices being prone to a market force).
It is a measurement of now, a precious fixed point of reference but also of the future.

The sculpture is minimal to suggest an as yet unwritten future for our town (Tabula rasa)  It’s reflective surface invites you as a viewer to get involved.

What we do with our assets as a town resolutely depends on us as a community of humans in a sea of change and uncertainty. We can work together and thrive, or we can create division and falter.

The future as they say is bright, it is also yours.  May 2015