Current requirements for volunteers:
  • Exhibition stewards are often needed to help fill 2 hour slots supervising exhibitions on the ground floor. 
Training will be provided.  Please contact OHOS's admins at info@ohos.org.uk, phone 0118 959 7752 from 11am-1pm on Wed or Fri, leave a phone message, or post a note through the letterbox at Brock Keep, 571 Oxford Road, Reading RG30 1HL.
We much appreciate help from all our current volunteers who give their time generously to help OpenHand OpenSpace.  Richard Stainthorp (Chair), Sam Stead (Vice Chair), Jo Thomas, Sarah Scott (Treasurer) and Antony Morris (ClarksLegal) are trustees.  Ingrid Jensen is the company secretary. 

We are also grateful to Mike Cooper, Sid Beauchant, and David Peacock for assistance with historical research related to the heritage of Brock Keep. 

All OHOS artists and both OHOS administrators also put in many hours of volunteer time.

OHOS is committed to working with volunteers, not only for the help it gives us but also to help others gain work experience and new skills. If you would like to volunteer for OHOS, working with arts or heritage, please contact us with a few sentences about your previous experience and why you would like to volunteer for us.

Brock Keep, 571 Oxford Road, Reading RG30 1HL
0118 959 7752 (Wed and Fri 11-1)