Travel and Contact

We are in the Keep on the Oxford Road in West Reading, next door to Brock Barracks.  Buses 15, 16 and 17 stop right outside our door at Brock Gardens stop, with frequent service from Reading town centre.
If you are driving from Reading take the first left after the keep (Brock Gardens) and then the next left and through the steel gates into the keep's car park, where parking is free.
 Unfortunately, due to a recent unauthorised traveller encampment, the gates are now locked more of the time, so you may need to phone or press the doorbell to get the gates unlocked.  Apologies for this - OHOS is fundraising for a height restriction barrier that will allow the gates be open for more of the time.
Ksenija Krotin (Wed 11-1) Neile Wright (Fri 11-1), 0118 959 7752
571 Oxford Road, Reading RG30 1HL

 Messages may be left on the answerphone.