Sunday, 29 September 2019

The Nature of Randomness

Exhibition by Virginia Tozzi

5th and 6th of October
Open 10am - 5pm
What if the shape of a rock, the flexibility of grass, a mosquito fly, a breath, every single meaningless moment you experience, were “random”. Consequently, everything would be “random”. “The Nature of Randomness” aims to explore and discredit the idea of “randomness”. In order to do so, the canvas directly and intermittently interacts with nature itself and colours. During this nature-canvas interaction, all parts and colours added to the composition appear as a result of randomness, but in reality they are not accidental. This exhibition also intends to explore the concept of constant alteration of reality as we know it. Similar to “randomness”, the constant transformation of reality is due to natural laws. Everything changes overtime, including the components incorporated on the canvas. Therefore, all the canvas will change colours, shape and consistency overtime. This process depicts our powerlessness against natural laws. The artist is charmed and obsessed by the topic of constant alteration of reality.