Thursday, 14 April 2016

WordUp! Two OHOS artists' project for the Year of Culture.

Reading’s Year of Culture has a different theme each month. Since April’s theme is New Writing, OHOS artists Robert Fitzmaurice and Peter Driver have devised a project to engage with the imaginations of people all around the Town through the simple power of words.
The project places artworks using carefully chosen words in locations around the town in such a way that the combination of word and location are seen afresh.
By giving prominence to one word or a short phrase that is some way relates to the host venue, viewers are encouraged to reflect upon the history and identity of the town in new and thought-provoking ways.
Robert and Peter's project has its own website were you can find out more. As well as highlighting the art at each venue the website also promotes some online artworks which will be added to throughout the month. Please click on THIS LINK to go to the website, find out more and to participate.  
You can also follow the project on Twitter HERE
Explore and enjoy!
Robert Fitzmaurice, Peter Driver