Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Big Draw: Lord of the Rings

OHOS was delighted to welcome Mayor and Battle Councillor Sarah Hacker to the Big Draw event at Brock Keep on 3 October.  Her dedication and support for Arts in Reading always provide a great morale boost.  Visitors of all ages enjoyed Kate Lockhart's drawing, collage and monoprinting activities.    Promoted by RIBA, architect Ksenija Krotin showed the use of plans and elevations, including a very big floor plan of a Hobbit House.  Kate also led a follow up workshop at Battle Library a few days later.  Both events encouraged visitors to enter Battle Library's Lord of the Rings art competition relating to The Return of the King: the hand in date for entries is Sat 17 October at 4pm.

And a 3-dimensional Hobbit House enabled visitors of all sizes to climb inside, make drawings and read books.