Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Poppies in the OHOS garden

Brock Keep poppy garden
As usual the summer produced a beautiful crop of poppies in the garden - highly appropriate given the proximity to the grade II listed Lutyens cenotaph next door in Brock Barracks.  The profusion of flowers in the garden are in large part due to our kind neighbour Trevor from Brock Gardens, who looks after the Keep's garden, with the help of other friends and neighbours who have also donated a wonderful selection of plants. They grow excellent tomatos, too!
Trevor and Dave working hard

The cenotaph was originally situated to be visible from Oxford Road through the archway.  Unfortunately a wall now blocks this view, but OHOS hopes at some point to open the Keep's  roof to the public, and so provide this spectacular view:

Remembrance Day, 2013