Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Mixing-Media in 3D Form Workshop

OpenHand Gallery Space was the venue for a 2 day hands-on workshop this July run by Associate Member Janet Curley Cannon for artists from across the region. The workshop explored the many uses of Paper Mâché Clay, a simple, affordable medium made from paper and plaster which requires no specialist materials or tools. The artists brought along a variety of found objects and varying surfaces, or built simple structures from wire or cardboard to apply the medium onto on day one. The second day was spent carving, sanding, painting or applying more medium or other materials to their designs. The artists were quite taken with what this easy to make, easy to use medium has the potential to offer as an affordable art medium used within their art practice.

Artists making a new batch of Paper Mâché Clay with ingredients sourced from DIY stores 

Paper Mâché Clay being applied around a rusted metal grid using simple tools
Dried Paper Mâché Clay on a metal mesh structure, it adheres to most surfaces

Dried Paper Mâché Clay paints easily and can be used to create rich textural surfaces