Sunday, 5 April 2015

Re Object

A Problem Solving Meditation, by Ingrid Jensen
OHOS artists Steve Perfect and Ingrid Jensen have been showing work in Re Object, an exhibition initiated and curated by Sophie Loss in the Tetley, Leeds.  Each invited artist was given the same originating object - an oak wedge - as a starting point for new work.  For Steve the object catalysed involuntary memory of a childhood scene, and his drawings use the lines and angles of the wedge to re-form the scene.  Ingrid envisaged the wedge as a problem solving tool, recreated in paper as an artist's book.

Interior, by Steve Perfect
The exhibition was part of Collections and Collaborations, co-curated by Louise Atkinson, Sophie Loss, John McDowall and Chris Taylor, 7 - 22 March 2015.