Friday, 13 July 2012


Echo: 7-15 July, Mon-Fri 3-7, Sat & Sun 11-5
arjeea21's latest exhibition at OHOS's gallery at the Keep is attracting visitors of all ages. Works include film, photography, 3D, painting, drawing, ceramics and performance.   Participating artists are Gerhard Bissell, Sadie Brockbank, Lesley Brown, Peter Driver, Robert Fitzmaurice, Marianne Frank, Gill Goodwin, Angela Huggett-Willis, Ksenija Krotin, Philip Lee & Cally Trench, Helen Lunn, Jerry Lunn, Gordana Naslas, Steve Perfect, John Pumfrey, Clemens Steigleder, Marie Sudwell, Roxana Tohaneanu-Shields and Janet Walton.