Monday, 12 March 2012

roves and roams and OpenHand OpenSpace invite you to

The Human Condition: Jessica F Hirst

on Tuesday 20th March at 19:00

Free Entry & Free Parking

You are invited to an evening with live artist Jessica F Hirst (Barcelona / USA), co-produced by roves and roams and OpenHand OpenSpace where she will perform Vocabulary and partake in an open Q&A with the audience.
Hirst, who has performed intentionally for the last decade, is interested in the intersections of personal and global struggles, in the spaces individuals create to consider our fragile human condition. How does a personal condition or experience, such as mental illness, interact with the stigmatizing commercial and social environment? How does the impetus to consume always more quantities of natural and manufactured resources square with the onslaught of information about climate change and other limits to nature?