Friday, 29 October 2010

Manual Labour - Jon Lockhart - Modern Art Oxford

Manual Labour - Jon Lockhart - Modern Art Oxford
16 – 21 November 2010

To coincide with the publication of his book Manual Labour, Jon Lockhart will be exhibiting
in the new Project Space at Modern Art Oxford this autumn.
Lockhart’s installations are a mix of ready-made items forced into new readings, not only
by their placing within the Gallery but through their alignment with one another. His
installations often convey a sense of the laboratory, as though one is witnessing
something that has recently taken place. Sound and digital mechanics are also a strong
component in the work, as is a playful use of graphics and design.
To launch his debut book Manual Labour, Lockhart will lead a panel discussion on
Thursday 18 November discussing the merits and issues that arise out of practice that
acknowledges the contribution made by non-artists who inform, positively influence and
contribute to the production of their work. The panel will include presentations by fellow
artists Joshua Sofaer, Katy Beinart and Melanie Manchot,