Saturday, 17 October 2009

Hot Air

During November and December 150 paper balloons will be collected together at The Keep and prepared for an installation in the Museum of Reading as part of the RGA's exhibition Eighty! 9 January - 21 March 2010.  The balloons are a festive and inclusive way of celebrating the RGA's eightieth year as an active art group in Reading, with every member being invited to make one and use it as a canvas.  The installation also represents artists' ideas and aspirations, whch are ever vulnerable to the pricks and constraints of daily life.  But balloons may also suggest hot air, and there will be an open session on overheated discussions in the art world in March 2010.
Completed balloons may be delivered to The Keep, 571 Oxford Road on Sunday 29 November 2009, 2-4pm.  Ingrid Jensen will also be happy to offer practical help then to RGA members who have yet to complete their part of the project.  Later delivery days may be arranged as necessary.