Saturday, 15 September 2018



Sarah Britten-Jones, Peter Driver, Robert Fitzmaurice
Due to unforeseen circumstances the artists regretfully have to postpone this exhibition. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Heritage Open Days: Brock Keep

Friday 7 - Sunday 9 September 2018  from 11am - 5pm


Guided tours of the Keep

Artists at work in studios

Children's Trail

A warm welcome


Sunday, 5 August 2018

Every Story Tells a Story

Exhibition by Ivilina Kouneva and Sharon Haward


Meet the artists Tuesday 28 August 2018 5pm - 8pm 


OpenHand OpenSpace Brock Keep, 571 Oxford Rd, Reading, Berkshire. RG30 IHL 

“Thus I rediscovered what writers have always known (and have told us again and again): books always speak of other books, and every story tells a story that has already been told.” Umberto Eco 
Works of art often speak of other works of art or they comment on their meaning, bringing forward their new narrative - a story which has been started somewhere else, in another creative mind. Works of art are based on other people’s stories or emerge from them. We create our stories, keep on walking, braving our way through life and changing the places we have visited, adding new meaning. 
This exhibition is a mixed media show, where different stories and experiences will be located in the different areas/chambers and corridors of The Keep. It is a dialogue between two artists who respond differently to the environment of the Keep and the idea of stories within stories.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018


Photography exhibition by Linda Vanuska

Tuesday 17 - Sunday 22 July 2018

Tuesday - Friday 3pm - 7pm
Saturday and Sunday 11am - 5pm

Linda Vanuska is currently a third year BA Art and Film student at the University of Reading, and a volunteer at OpenHand OpenSpace.

The selection of exhibited photographs is an instagram format record of a 2016 installation work of metal wire figurines exhibited at the University of Reading 1'st Year Art Final Show.
Encounters is an abstract illustration of hollow and hungry individuality on its journey towards satisfying the curiosities of life through mystical encounters with other life forms and entities, and the conjuring and exchange of substantial abundance as a result. It is also a portrait of the oppressed and restrained wandering vessels, enslaved by the demands and limits of their own capacities, yearning for the taste of freedom. 

Monday, 9 July 2018

LAST MINUTE CHANGE - Due to England's success so far in the World Cup we have decided to change our Private View from Wednesday night to Friday 13th 7PM to 9PM. We hope you'll come along on Friday evening, enjoy the cool air and drinks inside The Keep while chatting with the artists about their work and reminiscing about life, the universe and everything. We will remain open on Saturday and Sunday as advertised, so if you are like a few of us and would like to find something other than football or tennis to engage with then stop by for a visit!!

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Cerebral Gas - Open For Art

Cerebral Gas exhibition at OpenHand OpenSpace, 3 - 8 July 2018.
Open Tuesday to Friday 3 - 7pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am - 5pm.
Late opening Thursday 5 July for arjeea 21 meeting, 7.30 - 9.30pm: all welcome.
Interactive installation by Ingrid Jensen, plus works by Peter Driver and John Percy.  Come and join the conversation!
Venue 38 of Jelly's Open For Art 2018:

Brock Keep, 571 Oxford Road, Reading RG30 1HL
Free parking in the Keep's car park: turn south off Oxford Road into Brock Gardens, then first left and through the black gates. 
Bus stop: Brock Gardens on routes 15, 16 and 17.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Remind me to remember . . . 

A contemporary art exhibition exploring ageing and memory 
12thto 15thJuly 2018

Brock Keep, Open Hand Open Space
571 Oxford Road, Reading RG30 1HL

Maybe this is what growing old was like, she thought. Maybe the world gets smaller and smaller until there's nothing 
but the walls around you to show you where you end and the rest of the world begins.”  
- Naomi Jackson, The Star Side of Bird Hill (2015)

This July, Brock Keep at Open Hand Open Space in Reading is the venue for a contemporary art exhibition on the theme of ageing and memories. Twenty-two artists from Reading and the south of England were selected from an open call for artwork exploring the experiences of ageing, both personal and universal. Painting, print, sculpture, video and sound installations - artwork inspired by elderly relatives; introspection of artists personal lives; issues surrounding memory loss; views of ageing in contemporary society; these are just some of the topics touched on in this short exhibition.

Artist Salma Ahmad Caller from Reading will be taking over one of the 'cells' in The Keep with a multi-faceted installation she considers“the space of memory is hollow, it is in a space inside the mind, inside the body, inside the imagination, that is filled with recollection fragments. Triggers like notes of music, sound, touch, are mnemonics, codes that release a cascade of recollection. Memory is intangible yet it is so physical, embodied.” Another Reading based artist Cathy MacLennan will be showing work from an ongoing project entitled 'Half Memory' which she says “is greatly influenced by older people, including my grandmother who recently died aged 105. She claimed never to be lonely as she would go over the story of her life repeatedly, sometimes telling herself her own life story, editing it like a film, but always with a difficulty of conjuring up faces and places – different each time – never fully there.”

The exhibition organiser, selector and curator is OHOS Trustee Janet Curley Cannon. Participating artists include: Louise Anderson, Vivienne Akerman, Jan Bastow, Rukshi Brownlow, Salma Ahmad Caller, Janet Curley Cannon, Shona Davies, Jan Gaska, Jane Glennie, Samantha Humphreys, Jill Iliffe, Ros Ingham, Jon Klein, Cathy MacLennan, Charlotte McClelland, James McColl, Orande Mensink, Dave Monaghan, Caroline Penn, John Percy, Mary Riley and Jonathan Spencer. 

This free exhibition is open Thursday 12th July to Saturday the 14th July from 1PM to 7PM and Sunday 15th July 1PM to 5PM 
Opening reception Wednesday 11th July 7 - 9PM